Kerala Granite 6272, Etchings - Formica Laminate

Kerala Granite 6272, Etchings - Formica Laminate

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Special Order items are subject to a manuafacturer three week lead time.

Standard Grade laminates are mostly used for work surfaces on counters, islands, vanities, desks and tables. With a thickness of almost double that of Vertical Grade laminates, they are made to be applied where the suface must be functional, durable, and decorative.

Vertical Grade laminates are the choice for surfacing cabinet walls, doors and drawer panels. A couple examples of applications are vertical surfaces of desks and restaurant booths. Vertical Grade laminates are made to also be functional, durable, and decorative, but generally are used where the surface must absorb somewhat less impact than a comparable horizontal surface, and serve mostly as architectural cladding.

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