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Häfele Connect Mesh. Built for the future.


Connect app

Any smartphone has access to the new app that controls the system.


Remote control

For controlling components at the Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor.


Push button, wall-mounted

For controlling components at the Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor (functions are accessible by pressing or holding a button).


Loox switch

Switching function is programmable via Häfele Connect app.


2-Channel interface

Allows for Häfele Connect app to function with dimmable wall switch.


Connect Mesh 6-way distributor

The hub for the whole system (24V shown in diagram). All lights and switches connect for control with Häfele Connect app.


Connect Mesh 6-way distributor

The hub for the whole system (24V shown in diagram). All lights and switches connect for control with Häfele Connect app.


Loox5 Driver

The power source to the system (24V shown in diagram). Connects easily to the distributor.


Monochrome light

For monochrome lights, you plug directly into the distributor (24V 3092 LED light shown).


Multi-white adapter

For connecting multi-white lights to the Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor.


Multi-white light

To control multi-white lights, you plug into the multi-white adapter (24V 3039 LED multi-white light is shown).


RGB Adapter

For connecting RGB lights to the Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor.


RGB light

To control multi-white lights, you plug into the multi-white adapter (24V 3081 LED RGB light is shown).


Plan the Loox5 way. Focus on categories.


At the start of planning, determine the lighting needs for your project. Task light for pleasant and safe working. Ambient light for highlighting or staging. Accent light for storage spaces or paths. With a good plan, your dream lighting implementation is just around the corner.


Hafele Loox5 drivers supply not only lights, but also charging stations (inductive and USB), audio systems, as well as electrically operated flap fittings, sliding doors, or TV lifts. Take advantage of the potential of Hafele Loox5. Create furniture that can do more than just look good.


Plan switch requirements and switch positions. Simjple mechanical switches or convenient sensors and dimmers can be grouped together by means of multi-driver or multi-switch boxes to conveniently operate lights from a single location from different locations.


The Hafele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor is the central element for controlling monochrome lights, multi-white lights, or RGB lights individually or jointly. 6-way distributors can be networked. They can be controlled by remote control, wall-mounted push button, or app.


Plan the concealed cable routing and provide holes, grooves, or panels. An extensive range of extension leads and distributors facilitates suitable cabling of your project.


Add up the wattage of all lights and other devices. Take into account possible later expansions and select a driver of the appropriate performance class. Lights of the same voltage type or current may be connected to a common driver. Converters are available if needed. Make sure drivers are accessible in the furniture while planning.

Häfele Loox5: Right down the line.


Power cord

A power cord is provided when purchasing a driver.


Extension lead for switch

You can easily extend the distance from the driver to the needed switch with an extension.


Lead for modular switches

Each switch in Loox5 needs a lead that is plugged into the driver (or into a lead extension if needed).


Extension lead

Loox5 makes it easy to place a distributor wherever needed by using an extension lead connected to the main driver/distributor.


4-way extension lead

Easily extend many lights at once using this convenient extension lead. For monochrome lights and other 2-wire devices and distributors.


Lead for LED strip light

LED strip lights use power leads with clip connectors at one end to connect to the light.


Corner connector for LED strip light

Corner connectors are used with LED strip lights to make a 90-degree turn with ease.


Interconnecting lead for LED strip light

When needing to continue LED strip lights location-to-location and you want to use the same power source, you use these interconnecting leads.


Clip connector for LED strip light

Clip connectors can make a very small footprint connecting two strip lights together.


Lead for modular lights

Certain lights use a modular design where you select which size of power lead you would like to use.


Light with permanent lead

Certain LED lights have permanent leads connected directly into the light. (link will go to all puck lights; know some are modular and some not)



When using older Loox lights with Loox5 distributors/drivers, these adapters will need to be used.


6-way distributor

Various distributors (with switching function or without) are available in the system. If Connect Mesh is needed, please look at previous diagram at the beginning of this page for other distributors.

Light is easy.

Few criteria. Many solutions. With various light color and light intensity options, Loox5 has you covered.


With some simple math, it will all make sense. Take control of the power.


Complexity builds quickly. It's easier if you think of each area as a separate zone.


Think about the best places to switch lights on/off early on.


Loox5 shines the most when adding in the latest tech including Bluetooth and Alexa.

Task Lighting

This category of light gives ample amounts of light output at 500 mm for pleasant and safe working conditions. Whether it's over a work bench to cut that piece of wood just right or under a cabinet in the kitchen to safely cut your veggies, this lighting category is best for you.

Ambient Lighting

Also known as general lighting, this category helps light the overall room and space. With the right implementation, ambient lighting can make the room feel more warm and inviting and also add depth to the space.

Accent Lighting

This lighting category is for very subtle touches of light in order to draw attention to its source. But it is not bright enough for general lighting or tasks to be conducted.

Connect Mesh

Control light and configure the lighting individually. The Connect Mesh app makes it easy to control all aspects of all the zones in your home. Even better, the Connect Mesh will be able to connect to smart devices in the future utilizing the Hafele Connect Hub.

Connect BLE

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, your lights can be controlled with a light switch that needs no power. Alternatively, it works with an app for phone control (but will not connect to future smart devices; if that is needed purchase Connect Mesh products).

Puck Lights

Generally round or square, puck lights are point lights that serve either task lighting or ambient lighting purposes. Most can be recessed or surface mounted with an optional trim ring.

Strip Lights

If you need continuous light that is evenly distributed over an area, this lighting is perfect for you. When paired with a profile, you can build your own light fixture for a simple and professional look.

Reading Lights

Convenient and attractive, reading lights are perfect for bedside illumination. It's a very easy and modern touch to any space where lighting is needed while relaxing and reading.

Toe Kick Lights

Although a small touch, toe kick lights added to the kitchen or bedroom can really set off the space giving a polished and modern vibe. It's the small things in life that make everything come together, and toe kick lights are no exception.

Loox Lighting Blog Posts

Loox5 is here. the Future of Lighting.

Easy and quick installation. High quality LEDs that should last for years and years brightening your space with exactly what it needs.