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Wilsonart laminate is one of the nation’s leading laminate manufacturing companies and continues to grow its impressive line of products each year. The company – originally founded in Temple, Texas – has been making high-pressure laminates since 1956 and has built an exceptional reputation in the marketplace as a state-of-the-art product. With many fresh designs and colors, any homeowner or designer is sure to find the perfect laminate for their upcoming project. See all Wilsonart Laminate Products.

Wilsonart Solid Color Swatch

Solid Colors

Vibrant yet simple, the Wilsonart Solid Color Collection offers over 30 different hues to select from. This collection is perfect for any design needing basic but brilliant color, and is perfect for a design seeking simplicity. See All Wilsonart Solid Color Products.

Wilsonart Patterns Color Swatch


The Wilsonart Patterns Collection has over 150 premium patterns to choose from. From particulates, stones, fibers, and metal looks, virtually any type of pattern style can be achieved. Wilsonart is always updating their Patterns Collection with new styles and staying with the trends of the market. See All Wilsonart Pattern Products.

Wilsonart Woodgrains Color Swatch


The Wilsonart Woodgrains Collection does a fantastic job at replicating real woodgrains with a cost-effective product line. The collection is filled with wonderful warm tones ranging from cherry and maple, walnut and elm wood. No matter what the woodgrain needed, this collection should give you something you will love. See All Wilsonart Woodgrains.

Wilsonart HD Color Swatch


The Wilsonart HD Collection is an extremely durable and luxurious product line. Specializing in stone looks, this collection is perfect for any design that requires a high-end look of marble and granite but needs to be using a laminate surface. The Wilsonart HD Collection does an amazing job at modeling real stone veining and can fool even the most trained eye at replicating the real thing. See All Wilsonart HD Products.