Zeta P2 Panel Joiner with Diamond Cutter - Lamello
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Zeta P2 Panel Joiner with Diamond Cutter - Lamello

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Lamello Zeta P2. Joinery of the future. Here today.

This is the machine for the evolving P-System, which when implemented in your shop, can save you tremendous labor time each and every day. The P-System developed by Lamello is the fastest joining system with a power tool on the market with connections being completed within seconds. No wait time. No clamps. No fuss.

Zeta P2 Closeup

Some advantages and properties of the Zeta P2 Machine:

  • The optimum tool for fast, form-locking anchorage of all P-System connectors for wood joints
  • The automatic vertical movement creates a profile groove enabling manual insertion of the connectors
  • Time saving when installing connectors due to the innovative profile groove concept. Insertion of the connectors by hand, without using glue or screws, greatly reduces labor time while also negating the need for additional fastening materials
  • The user can quickly and easily connect parts with a range of angles and joining situations. Suitable for individual pieces of furniture as well as prototypes and line production

The vertical mechanical drive is the core of the machine

The innovative Vertical Mechanical Drive (VMD) is what sets the P-System apart from other joining systems. The cutting process is automatic and triggers exactly at the depth you want every time. Once the machine plunges to the necessary depth and the VMD is engaged, the Zeta blade very quickly (around 1 second of action) oscillates up and down, creating the groove needed for the P-System connectors to create an extremely strong hold.

Lamello P-System Drawing

The Difference Between Carbide and Diamond Cutters

Clamex Connector

Clamex Connector

This is a detachable connector utilizing an allen wrench. Here are some of its advantages and properties:

  • Small opening 6 mm, differentiation to furniture standards
  • Stackable with pre-installed connectors, advantages in packaging, transport, and logistics
  • Short assembly time on site, minimal installation cost
  • Versatility for all angles, same system for all joining situations
  • Freedom of choice during assembly, detachable or glued construction

Divario Connector

Divario Connector

This is a self-clamping, invisible connector for slide insertion. Here are some of its advantages and properties:

  • Completely invisible joint for highest quality standards
  • Joins and clamps during insertion for perfectly closed joints
  • Short assembly time on site, minimal installation cost
  • Efficient machining and installation with a CNC or a Zeta based on the P-System
  • Narrow element for the use in shelves from 18 mm
  • No resistance while inserting until shortly before building the clamping force
  • Insertion of shelves after the transport for lower transport weight

Tenso Connector

Tenso Connector

This is a self-clamping connector used for gluing. Here are some of its advantages and properties:

  • Glue faster, wipe off excess glue and it's ready
  • High clamping force, without clamps or presses
  • Perfect aesthetics, completely invisible
  • Versatile, simple gluing at various angles
  • Tool-free connector installation, quick and easy without screws or adhesive
  • Effortless connection of large workpieces on site
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  • Power (W): 1050 watts
  • Voltage (V): 230 Volt
  • Speed (U/min): 9000
  • Teeth: Z3
  • Cutting depth max: 20 mm
  • Weight (kg): 3.7 kg
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