Tips for Incorporating Wood into Your Home's Interior Design

Tips for Incorporating Wood into Your Home's Interior Design
Alex Barnes


The interior design of your home is where you can let your style shine. What better way to do that than by decorating it with tasteful accents of wood?

There’s no other material quite like wood. You can’t replicate the character that a detailed, high-quality piece of lumber offers. 

But it seems like there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing with this material. You might not know where to begin. To help you out, we’ve put together a few ways you can use wood when designing the interior of your home:

Coordinate Colors

For a bold look, you can mix and match different wood tones. But color coordination takes a bit of planning to pull off. 

Here’s an example: you might pair the warmth of oak with the bright coloring of cherry wood. Despite the different grain patterns, these materials will coordinate wonderfully together. 

Nothing makes a kitchen feel warm and comforting quite like wood. Try adding wood cupboards to your cooking space. 

To create a blended look, you may even paint the upper or lower cabinets a different color. You can choose paint colors that make a room feel bigger to create the illusion that your kitchen is more spacious.

Warm Up a Cool Space 

If there are too many matching colors in your home, it might be unappealing to the eye. Feeling bold? Don’t be afraid to embrace a bit of contrast in your home. 

Start by identifying the different undertones in your home. Then, you can decide if you want to match those tones or contrast them.

Many different types of wood species have warm undertones, like mahogany and cherry. Adding a bit of warmth to a cool-toned room can give it more depth. The warmth of wood will enhance and accentuate other cool-toned decor. 

Change the Flooring

What beats the feeling of hardwood floors on your bare feet? There are so many styles to choose from when you’re selecting hardwood floors. You might arrange the boards in a parquet style or lay them straight and evenly. 

Hardwood floors significantly increase the value of your home; they offer a timeless beauty that’s sure to impress any potential buyer.

However, we caution you against installing wooden floors in the bathroom or kitchen. Since wood is vulnerable to moisture damage, it’s best to keep it away from humid places. 

Different Woods Create Different Styles

Even if you have a lot of different styles in your home, wood can be the material that holds the look together. It can stay in the background while other decorations (like paintings, chandeliers, or granite countertops) take center stage. 

In general, wood gives your home more of a farmhouse aesthetic. Dark and cool woods are more modern. Create a country aesthetic with maple or birch, or a more contemporary one with pine or dark oak.

Wood makes an industrial-style feel homey. This material is a great way to make concrete or metal decorations look more cozy, and creates a unique hybridization of different styles that seem like opposites but have a surprising harmony.

An intricate rug can look stunning on a hardwood floor. Whether you prefer animal skin or a woven carpet, it’s hard to go wrong with wood.

Types of Wood Furniture to Purchase

Perhaps you aren’t looking to overhaul the floors or walls of your home. Which wood pieces can you buy to make a statement? You can try out these ideas:

Ceiling beams and pillars are the perfect places to feature a stunning piece of wood. They’ll look excellent next to granite countertops or a glass tabletop. Dark walnut is a popular choice for these pieces, but you could use almost anything.

In the bedroom, an oak or pine dresser will let you store your clothes in style. Even small wood accents can make a difference, like the frame of a mirror or a light fixture. Try hanging wood wall art, such as a vintage clock or decorative painting.

If you have plants in your home, place them on an end table made of solid wood. Live edge wood will look especially gorgeous near a leafy green tree. You can house your plants in wooden pots for a similar effect.

One of the greatest advantages of wood is how versatile it is. Wood trim with gothic rosettes will add character to any home. Or you can make a room more modern by adding wood that has a smooth, glossy finish. 

Looking to redesign the interior of your home? You can use wood in practically any room. The wood offered at Pro Cabinet Supply can transform the interior of your home. Check out our selection of decorative wood corbels and more.


Original writing by Kayla Russell

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