2022 Popular Styles of Surfaces

2022 Popular Styles of Surfaces
Travis Wilson

As we all had to endure the months (or even longer) of being stuck at home in quarantine we were given time to think about home renovations. Outdoor living spaces, full home renovations or maybe just rejuvenating everyone’s favorite room in the house… the kitchen!


When it comes to the kitchen, not much else stands out more than the countertops and backsplashes. It may sound daunting and expensive but with today’s technology laminate can affordably transform a kitchen from boring and functional, to an inviting space that everyone loves to be in. There are three main designs we’ve seen this past year: Natural looks, Sanitary Sleek, and “Resi-mercial”.


Nature Inspired


Seeing as going out became difficult and we find tranquility in mother nature, bringing that calming effect inside became huge. Using neutral wood grains capture the outdoor essence paired with stone patterns to really lock in the effect. Wilsonart has made some fine designs to fit that feel, check this mix of warm cabin vibes with modern edges!


Modern Kitchen with Brick Backsplash


Sanitary sleek


With the increased awareness on sanitation, setting yourself up for easy clean-up can make the difference. Plus choosing material that can stand up to all the cleaning products you throw at it is a must. Quiet advancement in the industry can stand proud now, many manufactures offer Performance Enhancements to stand up to what you need. Some Laminates are even Fire rated (Like 5th Ave. Elm7966) and Antimicrobial. Using lighter colors that show messes will make it easier to spot spills and clean it all up the first time. A great example here keeping things bright and simply beautiful.


Modern Kitchen with Waterfall Countertop




Yes, an interesting word, “Resi-mercial” hits that spot when you love getting that staycation feeling. Mixing the sensation of being at the resort worry free enjoying fine dining with all the comforts of home. Put some stainless steel in with bold marble patterns using ultra-durable Acrylic Solid Surface to make a luxurious space without breaking the bank.


Beautiful Stone Laminate Countertop with Cake


Light it up!


Nothing really brings a kitchen to life like shedding a little light on the situation. L&S has put together very adaptable product base that can create a system for any situation. Already have glass window cabinets? Showcase them and the items inside with LED lighting with low-cost profiles. You don’t have to worry about major modifications to your existing cabinets either, they have made it easier than ever to do a non-invasive install.


Modern Living Room with LED Accent Lighting


All the possibilities may have you wondering where to start or maybe you’ve got a vision ready, either way you can talk to our customer service members today for ideas and solutions. We can show you how to make your plan come to life!

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