Axilo 78 Plinth System: What is it and why you should know

Axilo 78 Plinth System: What is it and why you should know
Travis Wilson

When it comes to cabinet installation, the devil is in the details. That's why it's essential to have a reliable plinth system with adjustable feet that can be easily installed and adjusted to level the cabinets on uneven floors. The Axilo 78 Plinth system by Hafele is one such system that stands out for its adjustable feet and tool for adjusting them.

What's a Plinth?

A plinth is a decorative piece that sits at the bottom of a cabinet, covering the gap between the cabinet and the floor. It's essentially a finishing touch that makes the cabinets look complete and polished. In addition to its aesthetic function, a plinth also serves a practical purpose. It helps to protect the cabinet from moisture and dirt that can accumulate on the floor, and it can also hide unsightly cables or pipes that may be running along the bottom   of the cabinet.


What is the Axilo 78 System?

The Axilo 78 Plinth system set comes with four mounting plates and 4 adjustable feet that can be easily installed and adjusted to level the cabinets on uneven floors. What to love about these feet is that they're made from high-quality plastic and are designed to withstand heavy loads without bending or breaking. They're also incredibly easy to adjust with the Hafele foot adjuster tool.

There are also Low Profile and Taller Feet to give you plenty of options for your situation. There's also Corner and Round Mounting Plates as well as the spacer for a extra bump in height. 

There is also the Plinth Clips that will hold up the Plinth (decorative panel under the cabinets), these attach to the mounting plates for seamless installs. 

What makes Axilo so special?

The Hafele Foot Adjuster Tool is a handy accessory that makes adjusting the Axilo 78 Plinth system feet a breeze. It's ergonomically designed with a comfortable handle and has a slight angle to keep your knuckles off the floor. The tool allows for precise adjustments to the feet, ensuring that the cabinets are level and stable on any surface. You can get an extension for it or use the corresponding Hex key. Just the same you can use a Hex Key on a drill/screw gun to speed up the adjustment even more. There is a more economically priced version as well they call the Light version. The Light Adjusting Tool is definitely that, if you just want to try out the system its a much easier price point to buy the very specific tool. It doesn't feel as high quality as the standard tool and it doesn't have the slight angle hinge but will still get the Job done.

Another great feature of the Axilo 78 Plinth system is that the feet are fully adjustable even after the plinth is installed. This means that if the floor level changes over time, the feet can be easily adjusted to keep the cabinets level and stable. This is especially important for high-traffic areas such as kitchens or bathrooms where the cabinets are subjected to constant use and wear. Pairing that ability with the Plinth holders keep access easy.

Can I see it work?

Check out this video of the Axilo in action!

Click to watch on Youtube

In a nutshell, the Axilo 78 Plinth system by Hafele is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a plinth system with adjustable feet that are easy to install and adjust. With the Hafele foot adjuster tool, leveling cabinets on uneven floors has never been easier. I highly recommend the Axilo 78 Plinth System for any High-End Cabinet Job or even DIY Project.

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