Different Decorative Hardware Finishes

Different Decorative Hardware Finishes
Beau Ueland
Don’t let choosing your cabinet hardware finishes overwhelm you. Instead, embrace the moment and all its creativity by picking the best option to complete the room’s aesthetic. For a quick look at the different decorative hardware finishes, continue reading. We hope that you can find the perfect hardware for your kitchen cabinets.


This specific finish has a shiny silver color to it. When comparing it to the other finishes, it is clear that it has a much warmer tone. It is important to note that nickel is not as common or easy to find as other shiny options; however, if you dedicate yourself to the search, you should be able to find just the hardware you are looking for.


Black is one of the most popular options for today’s modern kitchens. Not only does it not show dirt and debris, but it won’t show any fingerprints or smudges either. What a bonus if you have a full house of children!


If you are wanting to go with a more classic choice for your cabinet hardware, chrome might be a great option. This is another shiny metal; however, some individuals dislike chrome due to the fact you can easily see smudge and fingerprint marks on it. If that bit of information doesn’t scare you away, you’ll have numerous chrome hardware options available to choose from for your kitchen.


Brass is one of your standard shiny gold tones that were very popular during the 80s. Like other interior design schemes from this time period, brass has come back in style. By choosing this hardware for your kitchen, you’ll be able to create a warm, welcoming environment.


This specific hardware finish is known as both aged and oil-rubbed bronze. It is among one of the most popular choices for homes and brings a more traditional look to your kitchen. If you are wanting your space to feel more sophisticated, this is most definitely the option you should go with.

While you have numerous options and it can be overwhelming, this should be an exciting process. After taking a look at these different decorative hardware finishes, hopefully, you have been able to narrow down your list. We hope to help you pick out the best option for your kitchen. In addition to this information, we also want to mention that we have decorative cabinet hinges for sale. Take a look at our website today to see all our inventory.

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