Essential Cabinet Making Supplies

Essential Cabinet Making Supplies
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Essential Cabinet Making Supplies

Cabinet building is an intensive process that requires time, dedication, and the right tools to complete the project successfully. But how do you know what you will need if you have never done it before? Here are some of the essential cabinet making supplies and tools that you will need to complete your next cabinet building project.

Power Tools

The only thing better than putting the finishing touches on your home improvement project is getting to use your power tools. Having the proper tools available as well as the knowledge of how to use them properly and safely is paramount to your success. Here are a few of the power tools that will help you get the job done.


For almost every project under the sun, a power drill will help you get the job done quicker—and cabinet making is no exception. With so many options for drill bits and heads, a drill makes quick work of most projects with a screw. When you are using the drill, you will want to make sure to use self-centering bits to prevent the misalignment of the wood.


There are three types of saws that you will need to know to make your project go more smoothly. A miter saw is the first of these saws. These workhorses of the woodworking world are used to bring the saw directly down to the wood. These are helpful with cabinets because you can adjust the angle of the cut to suit whatever needs you have.

A band saw is the next style of saw and is used for intricate details in the wood. The saw blade quickly moves up and down, allowing you to move the piece of wood that you are working with freely.

The table saw is the last of the saws that you need to know. Though they are not required, a table saw will help you make quick work of your woodpile. There are different styles of table saws available, so you want to make sure that you get one that is made for cabinet making. Though these types of saws generally stay in the shop where things are assembled, there are a few exceptions depending on the size of the saw.


A sander is great for saving your arms and hands from the heavy-duty working of sanding all your cabinetry down. It can get through your entire wood supply much quicker than other methods and can provide a much more even surface and polished look in the hands of a skilled carpenter.

Hand Tools

Also, like other projects, you will need your normal supply of hand tools to help with the job. There are several specialty tools that you can use to help the project go quicker, but the regular ones in your garage can also work just as well. Many tools are generally focused on carpentry but can have other uses as well.

Hammer, Screwdriver, and Tape Measure

The bread and butter of home repair tools, you will want to keep these handy at all times. You never know when you are going to come across a screw that is sticking out or a nail that needs to be hammered in. Keeping these tools on hand will help speed your process significantly.

You will also want to keep a tape measure on you at all times. When using any type of saw, you want to double-check your measurements, and using a tape measure is the best way to do that. It also helps you avoid playing the guessing game for materials when you need to resupply at the hardware store.


You will be putting your clamps to frequent use whenever you are building cabinets. This is because it is necessary to hold pieces in place while screwing them together. Clamps can also be helpful for holding pieces together while waiting for wood glue to dry. Some of the more common types can be used in this role, but it is recommended that you use the specialty clamps for drilling holes and holding templates onto the boards for drilling.

Combination Square

One of the most universally useful tools in your workshop is the combination square. Somewhere at the intersection of a ruler, level, and square, this tool is great for quickly squaring off areas in a way that you know is straight. You can also use it as a compass to help measure your angles before sawing.

Building Supplies

While the tools may be the ones to put the cabinets together, it’s the supplies that are going to get everybody else’s attention. Here are some tricks to remember when it comes to cabinet making supplies.

Screws and Nails

Nothing is more infuriating than reaching for a screw only to discover that you have run out in the middle of a project. You always want to be stocked up on both before beginning. You should also be sure to check the heads of any screws that you will be using to verify that you have the right drill bit to use with them.


When you are starting on a cabinetry project, you should consider if the wood frames or other components are reusable. It may be possible to keep the frames for your old cabinets instead of building them. For any wood that you do buy, make sure to store it in a place with low humidity to avoid warping and splintering.

Laminate Sheets

Laminate sheets are a great way to add life and durability to your cabinets. You can use them as shelves and as panels because they come in a variety of colors and patterns that will fit any decorating need.


Your last focus should be on the hardware for your cabinets. You will want to choose knobs and hinges that will accent the rest of the room along with the cabinets and drawers. Many varieties of hinges exist that can even be hidden inside the door for a sleeker, more modern appearance.

At Pro Cabinet Supply, we have all the tools and essential cabinet making supplies that you will need to complete your cabinet renovation. Come check out our store for the best supplies on the market.

 Cabinet Making Supplies

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