Face Frames vs Frameless Cabinets: The Differences

Face Frames vs Frameless Cabinets: The Differences
Beau Ueland

Face Frames vs Frameless Cabinets: The Differences

One of the first big decisions that you will make when designing and building your new kitchen cabinetry is whether you want frames for the doors and drawers. A decision like this might seem simple, but it determines many of the supplies you will use to build the cabinetry. Here is a comparison of face frames vs frameless cabinets.

Face Frame Cabinets

In the United States, this is the prevailing style of cabinetry. Face frame cabinets are built with a framed construction that creates a “face” at the front. The doors are installed using hinges on the frame.


One of the biggest benefits to face frame cabinets is that they are sturdier than their frameless counterparts. This style of cabinetry can also be placed on uneven walls while making use of a large variety of building supplies. They are also easier to install and match with more décor styles.


The biggest downside to face frame cabinets is the loss of storage space to compensate for the frames. It is also difficult to customize them after the initial installation. In addition, there are no easy ways to hide the frame if you do decide to make a change.

Frameless Cabinets

Sometimes called “full access,” frameless cabinets are more indicative of European stylings. The door is connected directly to the cabinet instead of the frame.


The ease of access and additional storage space make frameless cabinetry appealing to many people. They look much sleeker, eliminating the seams found in face frame cabinets, and they are much easier to clean. Frameless cabinets are also easier to modify and update after installation.


Those looking for style options should look elsewhere due to the noticeable lack of available styles. Additionally, you must rely solely on the construction of the cabinetry for support, where other styles have frames for added support. Frameless cabinets are also usually more expensive to build and install.

With there being so many factors between face frame and frameless cabinets, it helps that Pro Cabinet Supply is there through every step of the project. From hinges and screws to Pionite laminate sheets, we have everything you need to build your cabinets correctly.

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