How To Choose Cabinet Under-Lighting

How To Choose Cabinet Under-Lighting
Beau Ueland

How To Choose Cabinet Under-Lighting

Adding additional lights to your kitchen is a surefire way to make the room more appealing for anyone spending time in the space. It can also eliminate shadows and make food preparation much easier. Here’s how to choose cabinet under-lighting for your kitchen.

Fixture Type

Light fixtures for under-cabinet lighting come in three styles. Here’s more information on each type:

Light Bars

Light bars are good for providing an even, balanced look throughout the kitchen. They can be linked together through connectors or cables so that they work on the same switch.

Puck Lights

Puck lighting is a common option for many DIYers. This option provides a pool of light that’s more focused and pronounced than other types. Puck lighting can be hooked to a switch, but it’s more often battery powered.

Tape Lights

Often called strip or rope lights, tape-style lights are easy-to-install choices for getting rid of shadows in select spaces. These lights can be trimmed to the proper size and placed in specific spaces to add lighting just where you need it.

Bulb Type

The most popular choice for most cabinet under-lighting today is LED bulbs due to their energy efficiency and the lack of heat they release. Incandescent bulbs are more affordable, but they burn out more quickly and require a lot more energy than other bulbs. Halogen lights are another option, but they can create an immense amount of heat, so use these with a dimmer. Finally, fluorescent bulbs are very energy efficient, and they last an extremely long time.

Consider the Space

The last tip for how to choose cabinet under-lighting is to think about the space you have available. Some types of light may be too large for some areas. There may be some portions of the room you don’t want to flood with light. Explore all your options as much as possible before installing your new cabinet lights.

For more information on decorative under-cabinet lighting, visit the cabinetry experts at Pro Cabinet Supply. We have everything you need to make your next cabinetry project a rousing success.

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