How To Decoratively Laminate Cabinets

How To Decoratively Laminate Cabinets
Beau Ueland
How To Decoratively Laminate Cabinets

There are many reasons to consider decorating your kitchen cabinetry with laminate sheets. You might be replacing a broken door, or maybe you want to refresh your kitchen without completely replacing any cabinets. Whatever the reason, you need to prepare before tackling this project. This is how to decoratively laminate cabinets.

Gather Your Supplies

Just like with any home renovation project, you should prepare for the job by readying all of your supplies. You should start by making sure that you have the proper safety equipment, including gloves, safety goggles, and a face mask to prevent exposure to harmful substances. You will need a router, a sander, and a small roller. You should also have the laminate sheets and plywood that you will use, and either contact cement or wood glue.

Prepare the Laminate Sheets

After making sure that you have all the necessary supplies, you should start preparing the laminate sheets for use. Start by cutting the sheets slightly larger than needed to give you some room for error. You should then wipe off the surfaces that will make up the cabinets, to make sure that no dust or debris can impact the integrity of the adhesive. You will repeat the process with the plywood, taking care to avoid damaging your work on the laminate.

Build Your Surface

Finally, it is time for the actual construction of the cabinetry. Lay the plywood down and coat it with a layer of your chosen adhesive. Next, carefully lay the laminate sheet on top, using the roller to press the two materials together. Then all that’s left is to route the edges and sand the completed piece. After you finish, it’s time to hang the piece on your cabinetry.

There are many different styles of Formica and Wilsonart laminate sheets that are sure to look great in any home. At Pro Cabinet Supply, we are the experts on everything related to cabinetry, including how to decoratively laminate cabinets.

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