How To Fix a Laminate Cabinet Door

How To Fix a Laminate Cabinet Door
Beau Ueland

How To Fix a Laminate Cabinet Door

Have you noticed that your cabinet is peeling or that the laminate has become loose on the edges? That is okay. These issues are easy to fix, and you can quickly get your cabinets to the great condition they were once in. For tips on how to fix peeling laminate cabinet doors, look no further. Below, we have all the insight you could possibly need for this type of repair.

Evaluate the Issue

This should always be your first step. Evaluating the issue could allow you to see whether the issue happened because of overuse or if it was a manufacturing error. Identifying a manufacturing error will allow you to work with the dealer or company to provide a replacement or schedule professional repairs if needed.

Decide if It Can Be Repaired or Needs Replacement

During the evaluation, you should be able to decide if the issue requires a quick and easy repair or if you’ll need to replace the entire area. If a few inches of the laminate strip or edging have been pulled loose, but the majority of the area is still intact, the necessary laminate cabinet repairs may be as simple as adding some extra adhesive. If the problem is too far gone, it might be easier and more worthwhile to replace the damaged area altogether.

Follow Recommendations for Fixing Scratches and Gouges

If your laminate cabinet doors have gouges and scratches on them, it might take away from the look of the room. Don’t let this be the case! Fill the cracks and seams with seam filler. Once you fill the crack or gouge, wet your fingertip and smooth the area. Then, allow it to dry, and you will be golden.

Following these tips for how to repair chipped laminate cabinets will help make the room everything you want it to be. And remember, if you need to replace the laminate, take a look at our website, where we have Wilsonart premium laminate available for purchase.

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