How To Mix and Match Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

How To Mix and Match Kitchen Cabinet Hardware
Beau Ueland

Choosing a single hardware style when you’re building new kitchen cabinets can be a challenge. Every style has pros and cons, and settling on just one can be maddening. That’s why many people who design and build cabinets often combine styles to suit their individual preferences. Here’s how to mix and match kitchen cabinet hardware to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Size Matters

Not all houses are created equally, and nowhere is that more apparent than when you compare the size of each dwelling’s kitchen. It’s a simple truth that if your kitchen is larger, you can mix more styles of hardware because of the number of drawers and cabinets. Make sure to use each style of hardware in multiple places to prevent individual pieces from looking out of place. The more cabinet doors and shelves you have, the more places you have to mix and match your hardware.

A Style for Each Function

Depending on the location of the cabinets, different fittings and handles could be just what the doctor ordered to add a new twist to your kitchen décor. One common method of combining different styles is to separate them based on how high off the ground the cabinet door is. If the handle is below your waist, a horizontal handle in the middle of the door or an edge pull could be appropriate, while drawers at eye level might look good with vertical handles or knobs on the side opposite the hinges. You could also use different knobs or handles based on how the door opens.

Drawer Slides and Door Hinges

Aside from handles and knobs, you should also consider the slides your drawers use and the hinges on the doors. Each type serves a different function while adding a different element to your kitchen. Whether your drawers use exposed or concealed hinges can depend on the cabinet style you’ve chosen. A flat-front cabinet style might require concealed hinges, while Shaker or beadboard styles typically look better with exposed or semi-concealed hinges, depending upon your preference.

There are many opinions on how to mix and match kitchen cabinet hardware, but in the end, it should always come down to personal preference. Since 2011, Pro Cabinet Supply has been a proud provider of cabinet building supplies to contractors, handymen, and DIYers everywhere.

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