Subtle Power

Subtle Power
Travis Wilson

Having today’s latest gadgets now means making sure you can power them. That has led to manufactures putting charging ports on everything from couches and lamps to dog beds and pools. The thing is, does it have to be so tacky? No, especially if you get to place it yourself too.

You spent a lot of money on that beautiful backsplash, you really want to put a hole in it for a plug? Got a lot of different devices on your desk and need options for plugs? Maybe you don’t even want to see the plugs at all until you need them. Let’s check out some of these options.






  Let’s start with the basics, phones and tablets. A lot of phones now have one of the most futuristic features, Wireless charging, and that makes it easy to keep things sleek. The Dock 150 wireless and USB charging station has the best of both worlds. With the wireless dock on top and the push to open access to the three USB ports on the side, get as much or as little as you need without sacrificing charge times. It comes in black or white to match the tone of the area you’re putting it in.



Super Sleek & Functional


 Remember how you really wanted that stunning premium backsplash and paid extra to get it?

Let’s talk about some great kitchen outlet options so nothing distracts from that. One way to go is a pop up power station, and nothing is better for the kitchen than the SensioPod Vertical power dock. Offering 3 outlets and 2 USB ports with splash protection (because you know it’s bound to happen). The power station even has the ability to retract with your items still plugged in. Available in Chrome or Black to suit your taste. What if you want NOTHING on your counters? Well, I’ve got something for that too. Ever hear of a docking drawer? Coming in a few different options for finish and number of plugs, you can keep the clutter down and your items safely stored in a drawer.




Desk Options


 Now if you’re always looking for an extra plug or needing to swap out your plugged devices at your desk easily, I’ve got two for you. Docking Drawer Charging Grommet and the Edge Mounting Charging Unit. USB-C Power Delivery, 46 watts and 70% faster charging for two up to two devices at once. Coming in black or white and many different mounting options.

Whatever your needs are for the home and office you can bet that Hafele makes it. See it in the Hafele catalog but not on the website? Pro Cabinet supply can get it for you! Call us 8am-4pm (EST) Mon-Fri


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