Tips for Choosing a Cabinet Color

Tips for Choosing a Cabinet Color
Beau Ueland

Tips for Choosing a Cabinet Color

One of the most important rooms in your home is the kitchen. It’s the center of nearly every family activity and one of the first rooms you show guests when they come into your home. Because of the heavy foot traffic the kitchen receives, it’s important for the room to look its best. Here are some tips for choosing a cabinet color that will leave the room looking great.

Consider the Style of Cabinets

When you’re deciding on a color, you’ll want to consider what style of cabinetry you’re working with. For more traditional styles, you’ll want to stick with softer, earthier colors. If you have a newer style, bold color options can offer a striking contrast to the rest of the kitchen, if done properly.

Consider Size and Lighting

The next thing you’ll want to think about is the size and lighting of your cabinetry. If you have a darker or smaller kitchen, you’ll want to use brighter colors to give the room a more open aesthetic. If you’re having lighting issues in the kitchen, you can also consider lighting that fits on the underside of the cabinets to brighten up the room.

Take Wall Paint Color into Account

The last thing you’ll want to consider is the color of the walls the cabinets will be up against. You’ll obviously want to pick complementary colors that will match, but try to avoid colors that will make the cabinets feel like they’re disappearing into the wall. You should also be mindful of the colors of the appliances in the kitchen to avoid clashing with them.

With so many options for how to color your cabinetry, you can always turn to the experts at Pro Cabinet Supply for more tips for choosing a cabinet color. Proudly offering the Wilsonart Premium Laminate family of products, we can check the kitchen cabinet project off your list of things to do.

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