STM 1800 Mobile Saw Table Pre-Order

The Ultimate Table. For the Ultimate Wood Crafter.

The STM 1800 Mobile Powerhouse.

Sometimes, a product comes along that changes everything. You wondered how you did anything without it. From the ease of use to the possibilities of what you as a woodworker are capable of accomplishing after discovering it.

Well. This is one of those products.

STM 1800 Mobile Sawing Table Benefits

Safety First.

The STM 1800 table has numerous support points for a stable surface to work off of. The table also features strong locking swivel casters to ensure your work stays put.
STM 1800 Table Casters

One Person Loading? No problem.

Never struggle again alone in the shop or on the job site with the STM 1800's intuitive loading support stops. Sheet material up to 3100 mm x 2150 mm (124 in. x 84 in.) can be loaded safely using only one person!
STM 1800 Table Loading

Large, Variable Contact Surface.

The STM 1800 table utilizes special brackets that hold beech wood contact points to prevent any damage to your sheet goods. This allows you to change out the wood pieces in the future if they are ever damaged. Also, there will be an ability to buy a special bracket to add an MFT MDF table piece to expand the functionality of the STM 1800.
STM 1800 Beech Wood Contact Points

Robust Functionality with Mobility in Mind.

Festool always takes into consideration the need for mobility while still having excellent function. The STM 1800 table is no exception. With lightning fast setup and breakdown, this will quickly become one of your favorite tools on-the-go.
STM 1800 Table Transportation

The STM 1800 Mobile Saw Table can only be pre-ordered from now until April 12th, 2020.

It will be shipped from our warehouse on October 1st, 2020.

This product will not be available for purchase after the order deadline so DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS OFFER!

Please keep in mind when placing a pre-order that once payment is made we are not able to cancel for any reason. All sales are final.