CMT 37 pcs. Cutting Accessories Set Multi Cutter, For Oscillating Multi-Tools
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CMT 37 pcs. Cutting Accessories Set Multi Cutter, For Oscillating Multi-Tools



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SKU Description Quantity Width (W) Cutting Length (I) Number of Cutting Edges (Z)
OMM09-X1 Universal Arbor 1 Pack 3/8" 1-1/8" 18 TPI
OMM12-X1 Universal Arbor 1 Pack 1-1/4" 1-5/8" 18 TPI
OMM17-X1 Universal Arbor 1 Pack     20 TPI
OMM20-X1 Universal Arbor 1 Pack 2-1/16" 1-3/4"  
OMM25-X1 Universal Arbor 1 Pack 3-1/8"    
OMM29-X1 Universal Arbor 1 Pack 2-9/16"    
OMM30-X1 Universal Arbor 1 Pack 3-5/8"    
OMA30060-X10 Grit 60 10 Pack 3-5/8"    
OMA30100-X10 Grit 100 10 Pack 3-5/8"    
OMA30180-X10 Grit 180 10 Pack 3-5/8"    


  • Blades (in two sizes) for making cuts in wood, plastic, drywall, sheet metal, profiles and tubing in aluminum and copper.
  • Segmented blade for cutting wood and metal.
  • Scraper for removing carpet adhesive/glue residues as well as paint and varnish residues.
  • Rasp in carbide for grinding/sanding/removal of tiles, drywall, and cement, wood and building materials.
  • Specially designed blade to remove mortar, cementitious materials, cement and stone, even in hard to reach corners.
  • Sanding pad and sanding sheets (60, 100, 180 grit).
  • High quality professional tools!
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