CMT Circular Saw Blade Stablizers
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CMT Circular Saw Blade Stablizers

SKU: CMT-299.101.00


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SKU Pin Hole (FT) Diameter (D) Kerf Thickness (K) Bore Diameter (B) Type of Grind (β) Number of Cutting Edges (Z) Plate Thickness (P) Hook Angle (α)
299.101.00 N/A 3" 5/8" 0.118"
299.102.00 N/A 5" 5/8" 0.118"
299.103.00 N/A 6" 1" 0.118"

The CMT blade stabilizer virtually eliminates rim vibration to make cleaner, straighter cuts and extend the life of your CMT saw blade. It also helps eliminate distracting noise caused by vibration during cutting.

NOTE: for use on stationary saws only. Each order includes 2 stabilizers.

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