Mohawk Hard Fill Medium Grey 7038
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Mohawk Hard Fill Medium Grey 7038

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Singular Stick in the Displayed color. 

Designed to fill minor and medium defects in wood furnishings and rigid plastic. Use for repairs on practically any flat surface, including tops, fronts, sides, doors, drawers and floors. Available in 70+ different colors to match surface finishing and blend repairs. Requires a burn-in knife and leveling tool to carefully remove excess wax without harming the surrounding wood surface.

Hard Fill Leveling Tool (M999-9990) is used to level and scrape Hard Fill and Hard Fill Plus sticks.

Scraper Only (M999-9992) is a replacement scraper for the Hard Fill Leveling Tool.

The Finish & Filler Scraper (M999-9995) is used to level Hard Fill and Hard Fill Plus sticks. Can be used to level defects in a finish such as runs, sags or dirt

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