Arborite Indigo Twill P386 Laminate Sheet
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Arborite Indigo Twill P386 Laminate Sheet

SKU: AB-P386-CA 4x8 VT
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What is High Pressure Laminate (HPL)?

HPL is a decorative surface which composes of a resin impregnated kraft paper creating rigidity, a decorative paper to display the design of the laminate, and a clear melamine overlay on top for protection. All of these components are bonded together using high pressure and heat. Once created, the HPL can be bonded to a substrate such as plywood, particle board, or MDF with ease using contact cement/adhesive.

How do I select a thickness?

The thickness of HPL you need depends on your application. Please find the description for both thicknesses below:

  • Vertical Grade: Vertical Grade laminates are the choice for surfacing cabinet walls, doors and drawer panels. A couple examples of applications are vertical surfaces of desks and restaurant booths. Vertical Grade laminates are made to also be functional, durable, and decorative, but generally are used where the surface must absorb somewhat less impact than a comparable horizontal surface and serve mostly as architectural cladding.
  • Postforming Grade: Postforming Grade laminates are used mainly for horizontal surfaces such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, islands, desk tops and table tops. Postforming Grade is thicker than Vertical Grade laminates which gives the sheet more wear and tear capability.

When will I receive my laminate?

Arborite laminates are typically fulfilled from a northern facility after being manufactured and then transferred to a local Wilsonart warehouse that delivers to us next day. Occasionally, Wilsonart will already have some limited Arborite stock. To verify quantities before ordering, please give us a call at (321) 300-4854 or leave an email message at

Can I return this laminate?

Arborite laminate cannot be returned. Please see our return policy by clicking this link and navigating to the Returns & Refunds section on the page.

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