Caulk and Adhesives



ColorFlex is one of the leaders in custom colored acrylic latex caulking. The caulking is used to seal the inside corners and perimeter of the component (your cabinet). Where flexibility is needed, ColorFlex is perfect for filling gaps and sealing places where components meet the walls, floors, other cabinets, tile, and insets. See All Kampel ColorFlex Products.


Repair nicks, fill seams and make gouges disappear with this one-part system. SeamFil bonds mechanically to the substrate of laminate and dries hard, becoming a permanent part of the laminate surface. SeamFil also resists moisture, detergents, and other household products as effectively as the original laminate. Typical applications for this product are filling standard joints, cracks, chips and other imperfections where the dark substrate is visible. See All Kampel Seamfil Products.


Need to match a specific color of laminate? Choose the laminate brand you need!

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