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Formica Laminate is one of the leaders in the cabinet industry, providing its loyal customers with high-pressure laminate that is made durably and economically. With over 250 Formica laminate colors and patterns and a variety of finishes to choose from, your dream kitchen is just a few clicks away! See all Formica Laminate Products.

Formica Solid Color Swatch

Solid Colors

Simple yet effective, the Formica Solid Color Collection offers over 40 brilliantly vibrant shades to choose from. Although the Formica laminate styles in this collection are more basic in nature, when combined with other design elements, the simplicity can add much value to the overall design. See All Formica Solid Color Products.

Formica Patterns Color Swatch


The Formica Patterns have the look of premium elegance with the cost-effectiveness of standard laminate. With over 120 patterns to choose from, this Formica laminate collection is sure to please the eyes while also pleasing the wallet. See All Formica Pattern Products.

Formica Woodgrains Color Swatch


Formica Woodgrains have the true appearance and warmth of real wood with the trusted durability of high-pressure laminate. This Formica laminate collection is perfect for the consumer looking for the timeless beauty of woods at half the price. See All Formica Woodgrains.

Formica 180fx Color Swatch


Quality and luxury on a grand scale, this Formica laminate collection brings indulgence and affordability into one amazing product. Drawing on new digital technology, 180fx™ captures the true scale and visual drama of a full granite slab, recreating the dynamic sweep of its striking colorations and exquisite veining. What’s more, 180fx™ offers all the impact of natural granite at a fraction of the price. See All Formica 180fx Products.