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NOTE: The Hafele Connect App is free on both Android™ and Apple IOS®.

The BLE Box is Where the Magic Happens.

With the addition of Hafele Connect products to an existing Loox system, a simple upgrade can take your lighting functionality to the next level.

  • The BLE box (Bluetooth low energy technology) makes it possible to control furniture lighting and electrically operated fittings using the Hafele Connect App.
  • A 12V or 24V driver supplies power to the BLE box via 2 leads.
  • A single BLE box or an entire network of BLE boxes is controlled with a smartphone or tablet.
  • The app controls the on/off status, brightness (0-100%), and the color temperature when using multi-white or RGB lights.
  • All parameters can be saved as scenes and retrieved at any time.
  • Time-controlled alteration of brightness, color temperature, light color.


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