Fuji Spray G-XPC Side-Mounted Gravity Feed Spray Gun
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Fuji Spray G-XPC Side-Mounted Gravity Feed Spray Gun

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Featured with a side-mounted pressurized 400cc gravity cup with stand and a with a swivel and set feature. The G-XPC easily allows the operator to spray in any direction, making it perfect for bathtub and countertop refinishing, cabinet casework, and elaborate bespoke furniture. With the G-XPC you have a full range of spraying right at your fingertips!

Some of the most sought after features of this spray gun is the exclusive side-mounted Fan Pattern Control™ to adjust the fan size, and the swivel and set cup. The G-XPC gravity spray gun is non-bleed, meaning that air passes through the spray gun only when the trigger is pulled, resulting in less turbulence in the spray area, less paint buildup on the tip of the fluid nozzle, and far less spray gun noise. All newer Fuji Spray® turbines are designed and built with a bleed-off inside the turbine to allow the use of any non-bleed spray gun.


The G-XPC™ Spray Gun Series Difference:

  • 1.4mm air cap set installed
  • 9600-G-XPC™ spray gun optional nylon cups available in 3oz, 400cc, and 600cc
  • Non-Bleed spray gun leads to less blowing around of shop dust and negligible turbulence in the spray area
  • Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control – Adjustable incremental fan pattern with three orientations: horizontal, vertical, circle
  • Stay Cool Handle™ nylon-coated handle always stays and provides a comfortable grip
  • Rotating nipple assembly – makes for easy adjustment of the pressure tube, especially for those who are left-handed
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