L&S Lighting Reel LED Strip Light 12V System
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L&S Lighting Reel LED Strip Light 12V System

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Light Intensity

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The LED Reel is the most cost effective way to adapt lighting into your environment. It features a “peel and stick” backing and a flexible material which allows the strip to conform to almost any shape or application. Our Reel Connect System provides the most secure connection in the industry.

Product Characteristics

  • Available in 5m Reel (197”) with soldered connection
  • Standard in 3000K, 4000K and 6000K
  • Dimmable with separate switch

Medium Intensity Reel:

  • 5m Reel: 7.8W/m, 2.4W/ft.
  • 72 LEDs/m, 21LEDs/ft.
  • Can be cut in 42mm increments
  • Output: 740 lumen/m

High Intensity Reel:

  • 5m Reel: 11.7W/m, 3.6W/ft.
  • 108 LEDs/m, 32LEDs/ft.
  • Can be cut in 28mm increments
  • Output: 1080 lumen/m

Ultra High Intensity Reel:

  • 5m Reel: 16.9W/m, 5.6W/ft.
  • 156 LEDs/m, 47LEDs/ft.
  • Can be cut in 19mm increments
  • Output: 1600 lumen/m
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